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When Is It Safe to Take My Mask Off? Dos and Don'ts of Taking the Mask Off

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic wearing a mask has become an utmost necessity now. Wearing a mask can prevent any kind of virus contact and ultimately save you from getting the disease.

Some people work for long hours, such as 12 to 15 hours working is a part of their lives. Doctors in hospitals are also at a high risk of getting the virus; that’s why they have to cover their faces with masks.

Wearing a mask for long hours is not an easy job. It feels suffocating sometimes and leaves you short-breathed. Even wearing a mask continuously makes wounds on the face. Now, the question is, what is the safe place or time to take your make off?

1. Home Safe Home

Your house is the first place where you can roam around without wearing a mask. You can use face mask sanitation at your home after using your mask for the whole day.

Home is the safest place in the world. But make sure to sanitize your hands properly once you arrive home from outside. Wash your hands and feet for at least 20 seconds. Meanwhile, use a Maskilizer to sanitize all of your fabric masks. You can save time by sanitizing up to 6 masks at once. It will take only 2.5 minutes for the process.

2. How to Take Off the Mask?

First of all, never hold your mask from the center. If you have done so, wash your hands immediately for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer, which can kill 99.9% of germs.

Always hold your mask from the ear loops to take off. If you wear a buttoned elastic band for any reason to hold your mask behind your head, take extra care when opening the button.

3. Is the Bathroom A Safe Place to Take My Mask Off?

Your bathroom in your workplace is a safe place to take off your mask. But don't attempt it in public washrooms. You can get affected by the virus in the public restroom because it uses all the people. We can never assume it safe from the virus.

If you wear a fabric mask and have used a public washroom, you must use face mask sanitation to keep your mask safe from germs after washing it.

In your washroom, if any outsider does not use it, you can take off your mask.

4. Is My Cabin a Corona Free Place?

Your workplace where you are allocated with a separate cabin, and no one is allowed to come, can be a safe place if sanitized well.

5. Maskilizer is the Right Choice

First of all, don't use surgical masks. Secondly, clothe masks get dirty quickly, and they are not very must strong to keep you away from the virus, so use a Maskilizer to sanitize your masks four at a time.


Not every place is safe to take your mask off. Try not to remove your mask in public places. If you do so, sanitize it with the smart sanitizing machine, which can only take 2.5 minutes to kill all the germs.

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