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Confused Between Washing and Sterilizing? Here is the Clarity You Must Go Through!

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

A stressful period is going

on, where everybody is engaged in a lot of confusions. Masks have been announced as a must. All the world is getting into a lot of plights regarding masks. Some are buying surgical ones while others have fabric masks. No one knows which one to buy and which do not. Some say one thing, and the rest say opposite to first ones.

Another conflicting thing regarding face masks is that whether to maskilize the mask or wash it? Some people prefer to use fabric masks and reuse them after a wash; others consider it safer to sterilize or maskilize a mask by using a Maskilizer to kill germs more effectively. But which one is better? And which method ensures more safety and protection? Let’s discuss it in detail. Just read on!

1. Washing a Mask

Washing a mask or anything else involves a procedure of cleaning the mask or any other thing with the help of water and any particular detergent. You can do it by your hand or by using a washing machine. But what does washing do?

Washing can remove dirt from your mask and somehow germs too. But it doesn’t ensure a full cleaning and killing off germs as the detergent is not meant for this purpose. So, washing can ultimately lower the risk of spreading germs and infection.

2. Maskilizing a Mask

Maskilizing a mask can be referred to as conducting a face mask sanitation with the help of a Maskilizer. Maskilizer is a sanitation gadget that can sanitize your face mask within few minutes. But do maskilizing ensure germ-free healthy living?

Absolutely Yes. It involves removing every kind of viral and bacterial germs from the masks and eventually lessening their number. This is a process that ensures the killing of germs up to safe levels.

I think after getting a brief overview of both washing and maskilizing, you will have developed a better understanding of both. Also, you may have gotten a clear picture of the best method among both. Let’s have a quick overview of their difference.

Wash Vs. Maskilize! What is the Difference?

There is a huge difference between washing a mask and maskilizing a mask. Washing is a removal of germs and dirt particles with which the clothing is induced. On the other hand, maskilizing is a proper way to kill germs up to a safe level.

Washing can still leave behind active germs that can cause serious illness. While maskilizing ensures a thorough killing of germs, and thus, you can live a life without any risk of disease.

So what to do now? Now buy a Maskilizer for your home to conduct a regular face mask sanitation system.


Now we must end up the discussion here by saying that Maskilizer is the better technique of getting a healthy and disease-free life. Go and buy a Maskilizer now.

Which is the sanitation method that you rely on more than the others? Don't forget to let us know in the comments section below

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