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4 reasons to use a mask cleaner on a daily basis

If there is one thing the last two years have taught us is that our need for masks is not going to go away any time soon. New plague outbreaks, crowded places and laws in some countries are making masks an integral part of our lives that we should adopt and not fight.

If you use reusable masks, this article is for you. If you are still using disposable masks because of "convenience”, you may find yourself thinking again after reading the article.

Let’s start with the obvious, reusable masks need to be cleaned. In fact, according to the CDC, reusable masks should be cleaned every time they get dirty and at least once a day.

Now if we are honest with ourselves, how many of us really wash our mask every day?

Which brings us to talk about a mask cleaner, the Maskilizer, which will not only make it easier to clean the masks; it will also make you say "Wow”.

1 It saves time

Suppose you use the shortest program in your washing machine to wash the masks. It takes about 15-30 minutes depend on your washing machine and you still need to dry it.

And for the hand washers, 5-10 minutes before drying?

The day-to-day preoccupation with mask cleaning is exhausting, no doubt, especially in families with a large number of souls.

So this is the first reason to use a Maskilizer, it cleans up to 6 masks in just 2.5 minutes.

2 It safes money

If you wash your masks by hand or in the washing machine, you waste many liters of water.

Using a washing machine also consumes a lot of electricity.

Thrifty is not a bad word, using a Maskilizer consumes about 40 ml of water in total and little use of electricity.

3 It saves the planet

The billions of disposable masks thrown around the world pollute the environment and will leave long-term environmental damage for decades to come.

The use of a mask cleaner makes the use of reusable masks easier and eliminates the need for reusable masks in such large volumes.

4 The freshness effect

Masks tend to stink over time and let's face it, it's pretty disgusting.

Using a Maskilizer during the day, plus its unique scents give a feeling of instant freshness and allow for a relaxed feeling during the day.

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