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No more 
everyday wash
of cloth face masks!
No more germs 
on your mask 

Laundry full of face masks still keeps you busy every day?

No more need to wash your fabric face masks! 

Keep them clean and sterilized with the Maskilizer

Less then 3 minutes and your cloth face mask is clean, dry and

 ready for reuse

Want to know more?


Save Time

2 min 30 sec
for the full mask cleaning.
This is the fastest cleaning process for reusable masks. Maskilizer is an essential household item for everyday use 


Save Money

The Maskilizer allows the same masks to be used over and over. Without significant energy consumption and saving water and detergents


Save the Planet

Any disposable mask thrown out increases environmental pollution. By using this device you are directly contributing to the protection

of our planet

Deep sterilization- dry cleaning technology 

Quick action - masks are ready for reuse
in less than 3 minutes

Small and trendy gadget for every household

The fastest way to clean your mask

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